Add-on bed


add on bed

Add-on bed

Tor Martin Mandrup-Møller This is Tor
Brian Boesen This is Brian

Here are fotos of my add-on bed. The bed frame is made so it can stand on its own, and it can be connected to a hospital bed. It has four legs with lockable wheels, so depending on the preferred width of the add-on bed, your bed now measures from 120 cm to 150 cm. Side rails or a patient turning system can be mounted on the frame of the add-on bed. The add-on bed system is constructed so that a floor hoist can fit under it. The height of the legs of the add-on bed is adjusted to match your needs.

Important!!! Both the add-on bed and the hospital bed must rest firmly on all wheels before a person can enter the add-on bed.

The add-on bed is ingenious because you can bring this extra bed with you anywhere, and you can connect it to any kind of hospital bed. You don’t necessarily need two hospital beds. The add-on bed easily fits in your disabled car.

Once you have decided the height of the legs of your add-on bed, this cannot be changed.

As for the height of the mattress for the add-on bed, it is important to coordinate this with the height of your hospital bed mattress. I would recommend using a mattress topper that covers both beds.

The mattresses are produced by Madrassnedkeren which vouches for very high quality.

The add-on bed can also be used at hospitals.

Add-on bed

Add-on bed


Basic add-on bed, fixed head frame:                     5.000 DKK + 25% VAT (1.250 DKK )  – 6.250 DKK

Basic add-on bed, adjustable head frame, wooden bed base: 7.000 DKK +25% VAT (1.750 DKK) – 8.750 DKK

Basic add-on bed, adjustable head frame, metal slat deck: 8.000 DKK + 25% VAT (2.000 DKK) – 10.000 DKK


The add-on bed consists of 4 steel legs welded on a steel frame.
Accessories: 1 bed base, 1 foam rubber mattress with washable cover, and 4 lockable wheels.

Now, it is possible to order a new model of the add-on bed which has an adjustable head frame.

Delivery: If you live within driving distance of Aarhus, Denmark, I will deliver the add-on bed to your address myself, and delivery is then included in the price.
Otherwise, a freight company will deliver the add-on bed, and a freight charge will be included on the invoice.

The video are in english:

Watch video introducing the add-on bed:


Add-on bed at a low cost.
Custom-made – 30, 40, 50, or 60 cm in width.

This add-on bed is perfect for two,
so, before you rest, get one for you.
It is made to fit your every need
with room for two – from head to feet.
Side rails or not – you are safe without doubt,
we will make sure that you never fall out.

So, give Tor a call without worry.
He will find your address in a hurry.
Togetherness thrives in an add-on bed
– a feeling of happiness will soon spread.


Order an add-on bed by contacting:
Tor Martin Mandrup-Møller, tlf. 0045- 21 93 64 44

BB-Service, tlf.  0045- 21 65 60 30 (email



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